My recent body of tattoo work has mostly consisted of larger scale custom pieces. These projects are a serious commitment for both the client and myself. These pieces can take 25-50 hours to complete and can be a serious test.

Due to the amount of interest in such work and the subsequent backlog and time required to complete these, I am not looking to start anything new. I will only be accepting new clientele by a project to project basis. You are welcome to send me your ideas and I will be choosing those that I feel I am most suited for or inspired by. If I do not choose yours, I apologize.

The pressure and stress of making art is high. I am trying to push my artwork as much as I can and make it more unique for my collectors. This way of tattooing, along with all other art projects I have on the go would not be possible without my amazing team at Bushido and support of my wife Stacy. Thank you to those who have commissioned me to tattoo their bodies, or purchase my art. My artwork is available through contacting me directly to get a commissioned piece or purchasing something from previous shows or bodies of work.

- Doug

Instagram: @horihyo